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Hello and welcome to my fragrance-cologne-perfume resource site. will develop as time passes and visitors show more and more interest. This current blank-ish design shall not remain for all eternities, or so I hope.
My one and only intent by creating this site is to create a credible, reputable, spot where scent fans from all over the world can gather and find answers to their questions. I am hardly knowledgeable enough to provide answers myself, and thats why I gathered the best resources from all over the world regarding these questions. I hope you have fun and enhance your understanding of perfumery. With many kind regards, Ami Zone, WQ3.NET crew.

Find the best resources for fragrance here:
General: I strongly suggest that in order to get in shape you would be scanning or the mega sites that let you read about different perfumes, give out general information about the vertical, or allow you to buy perfumes for cheap prices (could go as low as 50% off retail price).
Finding your own scent: and listed down many of the top perfumes nowadays. If you were looking for recommendations in regards to which fragrance you should be wearing, they are two excellent resources. Other resources include: that has many pages regarding hot or new fragrances that has recently come out, and NS this
a household name in perfumery, that offers a list of new perfumes. This ebay guide will show you exactly how to match your gift to the persons personality.
How about amateur perfumery?
If you want to make your own perfume: you can read about it here and get recipes, or you can watch here on youtube, or you can choose your ingredients and buy it here at scent design.
I would suggest that prior to a stage where you feel confident about choosing your own ingredients and shaping your own perfume you should be looking here and read about the ingredients here.
What about celeb perfumes?
This is a rather complete list here in wiki mentioning all celebrities who had either sponsored a perfume or actually create the scent. Here are reviews on some of them - or this one focusing on one of my personal favorites USHER FOR MEN.
Here are some news items regarding fragrance and celebrity deals for that fragrance - here, here, here is a place where you can acquire these fragrances please note I am not affiliated with this store and have not previous experience with them, so I cant vouch for them and only show you the address.
What about the science that lays behind the perfumery industry?
First of here are some industry stats, to explain to all of you what is the fiscal meaning of this industry.
Now, heres a short article about how perfumes work at ehow and heres a little sarcasm issued towards the subject via a caricature.
The latest occurrence in the cologne-perfume-fragrance industry is that some companies have claimed to have pheromones-based colognes that are meant to be strong in their attraction. Heres one site about it.

How-to-fashion and beauty

Psychology of beauty
This is a course that tries to answer questions such as; what is it that makes people beautiful? What theories can be used to explain why certain features are termed as beautiful? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? What are the shifts in beauty ideals experienced over time? How is beauty connected to gender roles and sexual orientations? Why do people associate beauty with femininity? Is it true that beautiful people are happier and successful? among many more other questions read more

Nail therapy
It provides manicure and pedicure courses to help you perform your professional with great confidence. It involves learning about filling, cleaning and coloring of the nails. In this course, you learn how to become a nail technician on the different type of manicure and pedicure treatments. Other courses include nail extensions, nail art, gels polishes and nail artistry. These courses are offered to both beginners and professionals. read more

Massage/holistic therapy
To become a masseuse or message therapists, you require a postsecondary education program to study. Experience is also essential for the profession. This course lets one use touch to treat clients by manipulating the soft tissues of the clients body. Training is offered on how to use touch to relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, increase relaxation and stress reduction. You also get to ensure the well being of your client. As a masseuse, you can work in various environments in both private and public sectors like hospitals, spas, fitness centers and shopping malls. read more

Hair stylist training
Hair styling courses are offered to individuals who have a passion for trendy hair styles and experimenting with different styles, cut and colors. The course provides you with a string foundation on various styling techniques. You will also have to take business courses. read more

Barber Training
This training offer courses to help an individual learn how to offer styling, hair shaping, hair coloring and texture services. The course also includes analytical skills to help determine each clients styling needs. read more

Make-up therapy and bridal make-up
These are courses offered to people who want to follow a career in professional make-up. You will get a comprehensive understanding of the make-up business and the skills required to become successful in the profession. Make-up courses for beginners teach the techniques and application needed at that level. From the beginners level a make-up artists can opt for a higher level of training like complete beauty level and advanced artistry and media make up classes. read more. More viable sources can be found at

Skin care
Skin care courses offered to potential estheticians. Courses are offered on areas such as skin cleansing and skin care treatments, cosmetic beauty and application massages. Certification for skin care training can be offered for certificate courses, diplomas and degree programs. The essence of skin care training is to offer knowledge and skills on skin care techniques, procedures and cosmetology. It involves the study of the skin, its functions, diseases and skin care treatment used in clinics and aesthetic application. As a skin technician one can also take courses in aromatherapy and hair removal. read more. Another viable source is

Waxing courses
These are offered to beginners and also as advanced courses. The course provides practical and theoretical skill and knowledge on how to provide waxing services in various industries.

Spa therapy management courses
This training provides you with the necessary skills to be able to operate a spa. It includes spa aspects such as customer service, human resource issues and systems integration. This course allows you to learn the job description of a spa manager, the essence of being a leader, how to create and implement high quality standards for your spa, what you need to expands your business, procuring, maintaining and upgrading spa equipment and staff relations among other things. Part of the spa training is to teach you how to offer beauty therapy.

Body hair removal
You can get a full program for hair removal to help you work effectively with clients. You will learn how to prepare a client for a body hair removal service and the kind of products to use. Part of the course entails the techniques to use and how to implement the different types of skin products. You will learn the fundamentals of skin care, spa and esthetics.

Tanning course
This course offers you a hands-on experience on various forms of tanning. You learn everything you need to start working. The courses combine both theory and practical applications to provide you with as much knowledge as possible. A completion of a tanning course gives you certification to seek for a working license.

Facial beauty therapy
These courses range from beginners one day courses, prescription facial courses to basic facial courses. These are programs ideal for people who want to build skills on facial treatment or want to enhance their skills.

Eye treatment
These are courses that train you on eye make-up. Here, you learn how to apply make-up and the basic rules required in making up the eye brows and lashes. You can get beauty courses for beginners and other advanced levels.

This is a form of alternative medicine that is now offered in most university and beauty colleges. It is used in a variety of beauty therapies that deal with relieving pain, enhancing cognitive functions and also enhancing mood. A course in aromatherapy trains you on how to use natural oils extracts from various parts of a plant and to use these extracts to enhance the physical and psychological well being. The course provides training on how to use aromatherapy in various forms, types of essential oils and how to use them to optimize their healing properties.

Courses on this complementary treatment are now offered in various universities and colleges. It is also used as a preventive measure. Reflexology courses are offered to provide people with skills on how to use touch to create a response in a clients body. The courses offered provide training on the various workings of the body and how a simple and micro-movements or touch in the feet, hands and ears can relieve tension and well being of the body. Part of the course offered includes the nervous system of the human body.

Plastic surgery
This is a surgical training on cosmetology specializing in plastic surgery. It is offered to professionals who want to specialize in the cosmetic surgery profession.

Beauty consultant
Training as a beauty consultant gives one the chance to sell cosmetic products of different brands. This requires a holistic training on all the major aspect of beauty and products. It is possible to get training on all other forms of beauty care like hair therapy, nail artistry, skin care, make-up and many more. Training is also offered on how to manage the business and attract more clients. Part of the work of a consultant is to provide advice and give makeovers.

Ear piercing courses
This course gives you knowledge and skills required in ear piercing. It provides you with a guide on the products to use and how to use them. A complete demonstration is provided and students provided hands-on experience.

Body piercing
This is a course that teaches you how to pierce various parts of the body with minimal body infection. You receive specialty training and skills and get certification on your completion of the course.

Tattoo training
With more people seeking this profession, you can now get tattoo training and apprenticeship. Part of the training is on what tools to use and how to avoid infection.

Skin Care

A short advice about the sun and how to take care of your skin
The suns rays are getting more potent and powerful than ever because of the ultraviolet rays that is coming through the ozone layer. It is very hard to determine what the rating or safety level is each day before you decide to go to the beach. You can go online to determine what the safety level is but when youre in a hurry and want to get to your current destination it seems that many people do not have the time or the patience to check the levels. This is why sunscreen is so important during the summer months. Now it comes time to ask the age old question and that is should I wear sun block?
If youre looking to protect your skin from the UV rays that the sun produces than it might be a good idea to check on the rating of the sun block that youre going to be using. The stronger the rating as on the sun block that youre going to use means it will be able to block out stronger harmful rays from the sun. This is very important when it comes to children and having them play outside because you do not want to let them get skin cancer do to overexposure of the sun. This is one of the leading causes of skin cancer because people do not block all the harmful rays and they sit in the sun too long.
You should use sun block if youll are going to be out in this on longer than 15 minutes. On a hot 90 day and the sun shining with all its power you are going to want some protection on your skin that is exposed so that you do not get sunburned or expose your skin to the harmful rays. The more protection you have the better off youll be to eliminate your chances of getting skin cancer due to prolonged exposure to sun.

Content provided by and their best sunblock cream article.